This slope is home to maples native to New York State and highlights name cultivars that were selected for their outstanding fall color or interesting form. The collection includes red, sugar, silver, and striped maples as well as the unusual ‘Globosum’ sugar maple, a compact, almost perfect spherical shaped tree. These important trees grow best with full sun and wind exposure.

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Collaborating for Conservation

Our maple collection is part of the American Public Gardens Association Plant Collections Network, which coordinates a continent-wide approach to plant germplasm preservation. As a steward of this collection, we provide germplasm, which is the living genetic resources of the plant, such as seeds or tissues, for taxonomic studies, evaluation, breeding and other research.

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More maples

You will find a variety of maples along the southern edge of Newman Meadow where an overstory of Acer x freemanii, a red and silver maple hybrid, grows. Beneath these hybrids is an understory of shade-loving maples.

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