Flowering Crabapple

Malus 'Winter Gold' Rosaceae

Growth habit





Cornell Class of 1923 Flowering Tree Collection

Source of plant

Holden Arboretum, Schmidt & Son Co.


Somewhat rounded, oval to vase-shaped tree reaching 25' in height and 20' in width. Flower buds carmine-red, opening to single, white flowers, 1.25" across. Fruit bright lemon-yellow, 0.4" across, keeping its color despite frosts, persisting through January or February. Subject to mild scab and in some regions mild fire blight and powdery mildew (Nichols). Several different clones may exist; Nichols reported the best clone to be at Falconskeape Gardens, Medina, Morton OH, the Morton Arboretum, and the National Arboretum; this clone should be designated as the "true" 'Winter Gold.'

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Special characteristics

fruiting characteristics, winter interest