We cultivate knowledge and a love of plants and nature!

Our programs for schools and youth teach students about plants and the natural world through fun and engaging activities.

We offer hands-on programs for school students in our gardens and some programs can be delivered in your school. We divide your classes into small groups for fun, inquiry-based programs.

Our Programs

Explore our offerings below to find the program right for your group.

Exploring Wildflowers!

Learn about the amazing native plants in the Mundy Wildflower Garden and the role of plants in the world.

Haudenosaunee Food Crops

Learn about corn, beans, and squash—the traditional crops of the Haudenosaunee—their nutrition, growing methods and how they were used in ceremonies.

Senses: Awake and Ready

Explore our beautiful gardens, learning about plants and engage your senses in playful, fun ways.

Fooling with Fibers

Working in our gardens, students extract, spin, and twist different fibers as they learn about plants’ role in clothing and more.

Plants Have Families

Explore how scientists have organized the plant world by families. Learn about their differences and similarities.

Custom Programs

We work with teachers and group leaders to develop hands-on, plant-based programs that compliment your students’ studies and group interests.

Wildflower Explorations

Our Wildflower Explorations program excites third grade students about our native plants.

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Scholarships Available

We offer a limited number of scholarships to help cover the cost of the programs or transportation to Cornell Botanic Gardens

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